Organic Figs & Rouge Balm

Well anyways, classes are classes and I have no trekked to the Vintage Stores yet over by East Village side, I guess I have been too busy from Classes, My Business, Scripts, and such.

But I can say that I have been obsessed with this British Organic Line of products.. called Figs & Rouge. I heard many British showbiz residents are fans including Emma Watson.

I have the Sweet Geranium and Rambling Rose Flavors.

What I love is the homage to flowers and the natural ingredients without parabens. The smell is just like that of fresh floral and it can go on your lip or other dry spots on your body. It may be a small tin but it packs quite a punch. I live on them.

Whenever I see Figs & Rouge anywhere I get like this:

And in MUSIC THIS WEEK! This song has been on replay.

Huang Wen Xing. I love him!

His song from 2009, but this song is like one of the best. The beat is so sick and yet has classic influences to it. The use of Brass instruments and computer technology on this, is amazing.


  1. like this video!!
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  2. Im fortuneteller :D :P we´re have same style :D :D

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