Band of Outsiders SS 2012

Girl of Band of Outsiders is one of my favorites brands to buy. I get nice crisp white tops and gorgeous pants that go well with anything. I can wear to interview, to chill with friends or casually run to the stores and still look so damn good.

This Spring 2012 collection was very pretty, it had an olden influence, like a Parisian chic type.

This outfit is my favorite. The transitions on the coloring, the patterning on the top and shorts, like a croquet, perforation with some lace.

A simple belt to a long shirt, a geometric line printed pants, and a black jacket, so damn chic. Cant get any better than that. This I would definitely wear. I should try this look for spring.

Her rosy cheeks, ma cherie! The skirt with suspenders crossing the body with a little flounce, gorgeous.

I like this one alot. This looks like some left a movie premiere of some sort. They wore such an elegant dress to a function then threw on this gorgeous fem. jacket with that pattern to make it a little whimsical and go out to have fun with her girls.

~Kaye Beeh

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