Alexander Wang SS 2012

Alex wang's Spring this time around from the last hair streak and amazing platform shoes, goes a little sporty chic this time around. Alex does sporty chic the best, in my opinion.

This time around there was perforated and see-through in all the right places with various colors on jackets, skirts, tops, dresses, and pants.

There were some graffiti=esque bundled jackets, tops, pants and dresses that you would have to have confidence to pull off.

Here are some of my favorites from the show:

Love the purple underneath with the black. I would purchase this whole outfit, maybe this spring I will.

You can still look effing awesome yet stay cool.

The crushness and the pockets on that jacket, I love.

A more fitting ensemble like this is amazing. The print underneath the see-through, there is just something about it.

Oh my the geometric vastness of this! The colors here with black matching amazingly. I could see myself rocking that sweater jacket.

Wow, this feels like an 80s-90s influence. with the stripes! Its loose and not tight to keep it casual.

This jacket!

I see this collection being another winning Alexander Wang collection for the spring, its a step up from sweating in sweat pants and too much silk in summer, its very gorgeous, cool, effortless and practical.

If I can secure some from this, I must start selling more Ebay goodies and working harder.

~Kaye Beeh


  1. I really love the mix of colours and fabrics!


  2. i dont really like alex wang's spring collection.. the only thing i like was the mesh pockets lol


  3. there is so many stuff I wish I could buy!!


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