Dinner at Tiffanys and a mingle with Destiny

As you guys know I was in Atlantic City for Memorial Weekend and it was incredible. I got to go to the mall at the Pier at Caesars, which is a beautiful place brimming with shops.

I walked into Gucci, way way crowded, everyone was buying. I guess the casino goers struck it rich, as did I to an extent. I saw a lovely pouch wallet for $250, it was the light brown guccissima leather. Amazing, but I did not buy because I had Tiffanys in mind and a wallet of money to save for when I get back to New York.

Anyway, I saw some great things including a classic burberry plaid tunic for $275 which was gorgeous but I wanted Tiffanys. And the jelly sandals, which are always a breath of fresh air.

Then onwards to Louis Vuitton which is always a pleasure to view what they have. Including my favorite series, they had tons of luggage and the classic hard box trunks. (I should have taken photos but did not want to seem like a lost puppy)
Anyway, there was an amazing whismical bag there, for 1000 bucks, oh baby. That was my summer bag but I dont have that kinda money anymore (from a fund thats gone broke!)

Anyways, finally made it to Tiffany and saw the scripture series, the keys, the Elsa Peretti series, and the glassware. I was going to buy some Riedel glasses but I decided to hold off until I go to the 5th ave store where they got tons. I really love to collect glassware (I probably get it from MUM).

Anyway, I bought myself something! A necklace from the script collection. $125 USD.

All beautiful and swept away in the classic egg blue Tiffanys box and bag and such.

This was a great moment as its my first Tiffanys piece I bought myself. I only have three other Tiffanys that are gifts, a pad lock, a script ring, and key.

Then later, I went to have dinner at Trinity's PUB (FISH AND CHIPS!) .

Now excuse me while I congregate over my script necklace. Hoping that its really true that I bought myself something this lovely.

Haha, much love.



  1. I love accessories from Tiffany:)...very nice

    I used fashiolista..Until now I found polyvore..I´m slower:D

  2. Ahh I love it! It's beautiful, LOVE Tiffany and Co!


  3. Love it. Thanks for sharing the photos and feel free to drop by me too, soon.


  4. Love your Tiffany purchase :) I wanted to buy the script necklace too, but I have the plain heart one and they're practically the same :P

  5. Fantastic something from Tiffany's :-) It's lovely.


    Fashion Nostalgia

  6. wooooow gorgeous!
    hahaha loving it ! :)
    yeah I deffo wanna get the hgih top flowered ones :p xxx

  7. gorgeous necklace! loove tiffany's :)

    thanks for stopping by my blog xx

  8. Ooh that necklace is ADORABLE!! Love it! You have bought yourself a timeless, beautiful item girl!!

    Thanks for your funny comment haha...I wish it were true :)

    Alicia Mi Mundo

  9. Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog!
    You got a piece of Tiffanys! Super sweet! :D

  10. Great choice Tiffany



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