Shopbop Bopstops........Gosh its all summer lovin.

Ta-da! As promised and what ive been dying to show is my first purchase ever from SHOPBOP. The shipping was pretty quick and I will definitely order from them again. Can you guess whats inside?

Ta-Da! Again, A floral wrap headband by Adia Kibur. Adia Kibur has some amazing accessories! Have you seen her fantabulous necklaces. I would wrap my body in them to make a dress. (But lets not get into that or else Id have to frequent my exercise classes, fitness dvds, and Crunch more than I do now!)

Feeling like a princess and flying so high. Took these pics day before yesterday but I have been having morning headaches when I wake up so I am out of commission sometimes to do anything this week and last week! HA.
And the polka dot top is a DKNY loungewear. Which I am living in. Paid 30bucks for the set. Check your local Marshalls and get cozy.

The detaisl of the headband. The metallic gold lacing into the floral braided headband for a great look during anytime of the day. I would wear this night to day, day to night, and I am.

And for all of you curious on the rest of the DKNY set,.... (as taken with my awesome old style imaging)

But really the set is comfortable. Great for the RAGING SUMMER, pubertyless, and the black pants are really loose so you could get your YOGA ON.

And summer song for the day.
Fallen by M'ya

~Kaye Beeh


  1. I love your summer songs :-) Thanks for commenting. I also enjoyed the words at the bottom of your blog roll showing all that you are.

  2. Thanks for stopping on my blog and commenting, that isn't my real blog, it was a temporary one while mine on Wordpress was being updated, loved your new headband is so pretty! hope to see you soon on here The Outfit Diaries

    Cess O. <3

  3. i love the headband-

    xx please check out my blog i followed you as well :)

  4. the headband is so pretty, i'm sure it will be your go-to accessory all summer.

    Chic on the Cheap


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