Monday Look out!

I believe this is from Rag & Bone. Not sure what season but this is the look of the day.
Such a canvas that is beautifully created.
I like seeing different looks like these and not the same jeans and button down shirt and black tight dresses done over and over.

Thought this may be oldish, I truly think it lasts from season to season.
I can picture someone in West Village around Meatpacking having this on or someone in Lower East Side near Delancey street just strutting.

How about you? What is your vision.

~Kaye Beeh


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  3. That's some pretty layering there in the outfit!

  4. I really like the layers, it makes it look more couture and individual. The red is such a lovely colour too! I agree, it defiantly belongs on a fashion loving strutter!

    Have a great day, love your newest follower,

    Girl about Town XxX


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