Real Clothes + Japan Brings it

Japanese Actress & Model: Karina (Nose) whom I love, these are some outfits her character wore in Real Clothes. I just love the style over there of boots with shorts and skirts, I find that very flirty and fashionable. And the japanese arent afraid of going all out and prints or what not.

And the latest is Huge Glasses, Manga style.
I believe I am going to live in Japan one day. When I got my career down, I can expand to over there. Just gotta perfect my knowledge of the language. But I really would fit in there. :)

And that leads into our

Music Series Song of the Day:

Jazztronik - Real Clothes Theme Song (From my favorite Japanese Drama, Real Clothes about fashion, relationships, and Life Lessons about who you are and doing your best)

~Kaye Beeh


  1. Hey :D
    Nice blog :)
    Do you want to follow each other? :D
    let me know!!

  2. stylish girls;) though I don't agree with boys colouring their hair! :p

  3. She's looking gooood :)

    X EnvySplendour

  4. I thin Japan fashion it's amazing my dream is one day to go and see it in Tokyo!! you have an amazing blog i am following you now via bloglovin please follow back :)

  5. The fashion in Japan is immense! I love it so much. I try making my own Japan-esq style over here but people look at you weird lol! Great blog post. :)


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