Get em! Inspiration Tuesday

Have been reading a lot of other people's blogs lately and I love it all. Sometimes I could get caught up for hours with what everyone else likes and I find that some people share the same inspirations or style that I do (HOW NEAT!)

Like one blogger I miss for sure. The Catorialist. The person behind it was so hilarious and has not posted since September 2010, so If you see the Fabulous Cat behind all those fashion cat followings, let me know!

Well anyways, I am doing a room clean up and major rejuvenation. More goodies less junk how about that! Get rid of some magazines and bringing in antique books from Housing Works (I love your goodies, I NEED EM!)
Well not all antiques though. I still want to keep a very modern yet random room. I cant go totally minimalist yet, I have not gone to simpler times.

But anyway, enough of my many Beeh scribbles, I have found a pretty old but recent photo that embodies such life.

Taylor Warren & Cory Kennedy in Nylon Magazine back in '05 or '06, I believe...dont exactly remember.
It was my first nylon magazine and I still have the photo on my inspiration boards and post on the wall in my room for years now. They are truly amazing. I always follow what Kennedy does but Warren I have a hard time. I love her to death but I gotta know whats the happs.

Well anyway and these other photos, from Project Runway Alums. You all know I love Daniel Vosovic and his NYFW shows recently but I also love Austin Scarlett and Kara Saun

They need to do more. Seriously.

But.........onto to music now. I love Augustana. Their song "Steal Your Heart" has stolen my heart. Have a listen! Reminds me of The Killers in some sorts. I also love Stars and Boulevards., another great song of theirs. I was reading Teen Vogue and they were in my latest issue, not july's issue but I think its my june issue.

Of course, I am love with Madonna, have been following her, well in terms of music and tours. Rejuvenation tour and the Sweet & Sticky Tour!

One of my summer series soundtrack songs has to be:

Madonna - Don'tTell Me!

Dont you find that the cowboys are sexy and not only that but they got the fashions and sickest movements! Wow! Don has still got it. Best part is 3:11

Well anyways, in other news Adele is sick to her throat, forgot what exactly it is but had to cancel her tour dates. I hope she gets better. I love her angelic voice.

~Kaye Beeh


  1. amazing inspiration...I love first picture:)

  2. i always wonder what happened to the project runway


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