Oldie but goodie. A peek into Saturday Evening.

So bored lately but events are going to heat up soon though. Im going to start my Summer soundtrack series, with every post is a song that it heating up my airwaves!
Ive taken some vintage style photos because I thought they were cool. Im obssessed.

Sean Paul- Deport DEM (This song = nonstop dance off)

Excuse my toned arms dears. Months of Barre, Turbo Fire, P90x and other workouts is starting to reap its beautiful benefits. I am going to keep going with it.

Mini fridge to get through those hard nights. Stocked with drinks, small foods, and Japanese Grocery products like I love it to. 6 months and its running hard. (Australian Accent)

Anyways, heres are some photos from my favorite place in Queens to get some good health foods, teas, proteins, and drinks that are healthy but goodies. Its called Whipped Treats.

I can get recovery drinks here, help ailments, and tap into my natural energies.

I love the signs, such a variety of things to order when you come in.

Best Frozen Lemonade hands down and Whole Wheat Chicken Wrap.

This pic inspired by Sarah Jessica Parker in one episode during Sex and the City. I just had to. My headband is amazing and I got it from the beauty supply store that carries them, 1 dollar can you imagine. Too bad I did not make it to the Royal Wedding, I would tried to give Princess Beatrice a run for her money (then I would have to wear two of these headbands and some ribbons).

I know you notice the Cinnamon Toast Crunch. You want to eat some.
Well I am waiting Donna Karan Resort 2011 to be done here in NYC and some photos that I could fawn over or relentlessly hush em. It is all up to Ms. Donna.

~Kaye Beeh


  1. So excited for your summer soundtrack series! :)



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