Vacay Part two

Fab painting in our hotel room.

My workout.

The view. Its beautiful from showboat the home of the House of Blues Atlantic City. Memorial Weekend everyone is out.

Another great painting and letterhead table to do work. And mother's Michael Kors bag I bought her months ago.

My favorite workout I had to carry to do. Turbo Fire. No Vacation pounds I put on, and im happy to report. I lost body fat if that is any constellation.

Top: Soccer Star Reps
Bottoms: Jones New York Linen Shorts. (GORGEOUS and comfy)

2 dollars for him. And I got the matching girl. IT is so cute, I had to have it.

View in the Pier at Caesars mall. Boardwalk and sand inside the mall. Goodness that is amazing.

The Kia Soul. *heart*

Say hello, to my future car. I cant drive it now but youll see me in it in a few years. Maybe 2.

Going home. Going Home. Going Home.

Back from vacation today! It was wonderful while it lasted but then had to get back to reality.

Well now, im back on track with my fibers, proteins, and cereals. MY workouts will be back to normal. Relaxation continues, work on my room and job search has commenced again.



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