I can help but fall in love with youuuu.....TARGET.

View from the BQE, heading towards the Brooklyn Bridge/ Manhattan Bridge exit.

So from driving on the bridge with a friend, we decided to stop at the Atlantic Terminal Target, which I love, huge and two floors of STUFF.
Lately, Target has been getting better and better. Though I wished they did not support certain things they do support and hike up prices. 30 bucks skinny crop pants? Please.
Anyway, enough of my rant, I saw tons of cool things there.

And intro to my sunglass series:
These gold rim babies. And you betcha that they have the tortoise shell colors on the side. Circa 1936.
Aviators die hard.

Ray Ban inspired but the purple color goes with my motif. 80s movies shall rule again.

80s revamped into 70s. I loved these shades especially.

Move over GAGA. But I would have to add 3 more shades on toop of these to full take over and wear a cutout swimsuit with 10 inch vivienne westwoods with blue hair to truly take over. (Without being tacky of course)

J-Lo on the 6. Remember these?

But yeah best part was glasses all aroudn or close to 12.99$ USD.

But they have one good belt. Summer times come back again.

And their bags have gotten better. I really like them. So cool.

And the Calyspo St Berth capsule collection for Target. Out of stores by now but probably on sale racks 65 to 70% off. It was a really cool collection for the beach. It was classic, playful, and subtle colors of blues, oranges, browns.

But then we move to hats.

Kentucky Derby missed me definitely.
GREAT for the beach and going around manhattan, with clothing of course. I dont want to take away the naked cowboy's job.

Hat: In Target (which I bought)
Necklace: Vintage via Ebay (wood carve)
Sweater: American Apparel meets Yankee
Tee: Purple Kiss my A$$ UK boy.

Neat bag. Does it remind you of someone? PS perhaps? I knew you would.

Headband game here is hot.

I missed the Royal Wedding. Of course. and of course, my hair was having a bad hair day on this same day.

PACSUN ad girl. YES?

Calypso jacket is goooood. 27 bucks very cool and the material is actually well made.

Belted dresses which I cared less about.
Maxi dresses which are lovely and especially good when your in the summer time, on the beach andtoes in the sand.
Calypso tie-dyes. 13 bucks.

All in all, Target is a really good time. I like their stuff they have now. Certain things are good prices, some are overpriced but Its all good. They have variety and thats what I like. They provide all sizes especially for people like me who struggle with thunder thighs like superheros.

~Kaye Beeh


  1. Girl I love Target too. I thoroughly enjoyed this post. These are some great finds. I also adore NYC.


  2. Haha, the GAGA and J-lo sunglasses are priceless! Great post and nice blog :)

  3. yeahh man deffo,all about being yaself hhahaa, omg those ray ban inspired ones are quite cool, nice bit of shopping around town haa x

  4. I adore all the colourful sunshades. So cool;-)
    Have a fun weekend;-)


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