New New New!

PIC: With my favorite Doggie Backpack, I shall had some strands to give it that Alex Wang Fall 2010 Sydney Backpack influence. And I call him Rupert btw. (Family Guy referencing is welcome!)

Been having a wonderful vacation so far, relaxing, adventuring, and buying. Plus job hunting, got an interview at a great Macrobiotic Japanese Restaurant. (Do your Google searches now ;) ) Kiddin. By the way, did you hear that Lady Gaga has shaved her hair. There isnt anyway in hell im giving up my shoulder length hair that I sometimes like to keep in buns and ponies. Or otherwise emulate Alexa Chung minus the Alexa Mulberry Bag in Pink Leopard Thank you.


2 things that I have always wanted came in the mail this week along with other things I bought last week (but did not feature them yet on the blog!). And my excitement is through the roof. (Picture the ongoing British joke on The Nanny, whenever Fran is in contact with Mr. Sheffield's friends and relatives from England, their emotions are hardly shown! LOL)

First up, is the Hermes Constance Belt. This one was a gift from mother for a job well done on the semester. With my new Old Navy Skinny Cargos. Move over J Brands.

And then the Louis Vuitton Stephen Sprouse Lv Monogram Roses in deep pink. I practically could hide in this scarf but best of all, great on the beach with a pair of Ray-Bans wishing I was South of France material or better, Manhattan Beach Brooklyn material. Thanks.

Anddddddd from last week.

I finally got what my music heart desires:
Beats by Dre Tour Headphones
Hmm shiny :) The box emulates such energy. *hearts*

And a pair of overalls from Ebay (which are very summer and wishing-to-be-a-kid again appropriate), with a pair of Tory Burch Flip Flops, and the Vibram fivefinger sneakers in the Sprint Style! I was definitely very patient with them for a while but then decided to should get em and be done with it.

This is like barefoot running technology. I have used this pair for two times and I love it. Its really comfortable. I used to like the five finger socks when I was younger so this was a treat.And while im on the exercise track, I will be going to different classes throughout the city and have a fitness series too. Because I want to spread the joy of fitness and recall my journey of getting fit. So I am currently on Turbo Fire, on and off with P90x, and starting Insanity soon. I have other workout dvds, so I guess im a fitness junkie. I got home tools too. Push up bars and the works. ;O

And in other news, I have been on Purse Forum a lot! Starting to become addicted. Addicted like I was reading fanfictions and watching Asian Dramas (still am by the way). Those ladies (and gentlemen) have some amazing goodies and I guess I joined their leagues. Whoopie, give me a girl scout pin!

But yeah just updates on my time. As I said earlier, NEW NEW NEW.

Finally, music of the summer series.
"Built This Way" by Samantha Ronson (Was and still am obssessed with this song since that fateful prom scene in Mean Girls and the previous Mall scene in Mean Girls)

So can I imagine when I listen to this on the iPod Classic with the beats, and its blasting. Pure bliss.

~Kaye Beeh


  1. Great post, I like what you're wearing! x

  2. Louis Vuitton and Hermes boxes arriving in the mail is definitely something to rejoice! :)

    The Cat Hag


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