A little bitta Opening Ceremony in my life. A bit of Agnes B in the sun. A little bit of Crazy Town all night long. MAMBO #5

The love of my life has started to become Opening Ceremony. Going through the variety of clothing and collaborations is truly wonderful. The abundance of different designers who showcase such amazing clothing that you would grace your presence with or break the bank for or clear the closet for a piece of that sweet action.

But the best part about going to Opening Ceremony is seeing what you like online available there. I decided to order an agnes b. pour for Opening ceremony t-shirt because well I need t-shirts and they were on sale. $13 bucks, count it. Next time I will get the drawstring bag because I need a bag for gyms, quick stuff and can go onto my back without any trouble or hassles.

Well, I got the package yesterday and I only ordered over the weekend, okay FRIDAY. INSANE right? UPS EXPRESS BABY!

Dont you just love that they send you a bag with it. Like its an actual store experience. Some other boutique does that when you order online with them (I forgets the name)

My receipt and postcard. A French inspired postcard with those textile patterns mind you.

"To b or not to b" - That is the question and it will always be my question.

Now this is not an Opening Ceremony top but one I bought from Marshalls. What a deal nee~? 7 bucks. New York & Company. COUNT IT. If I had a see through top, this would be the peekaboo effect.

And now for the summer series #4 Music.
Its music by Crazy Town. Butterfly. A great anthem for summer now. Get lost in the music and never awake to reality. GROW WINGS!

Opening Ceremony is having their annual sample sale P.S.! Starting this Friday through Sunday.
from 11-8 on Friday but for S and S it would be later hours for Saturday and Sunday.
Many things at percentages off!
148 Lafayette Street. If your in NEW YORK!

Definitely going, saving that dough.

~Kaye Beeh


  1. Hi there! Do check out the loose box sample set if you like it! I've never heard of the bare minerals one but that sounds interesting! So far, I know the june box for the loose button has a full size laura mercier eyeshadow! That's more than worth 10$! Though the shade might not be for everyone =P

  2. Can't believe you got an Opening Ceremony shirt for $13! That's awesome, and it's very cute. I like the eye-catching blue color.

    Style Soufflé

  3. Gorgeous!!
    Thank you for all your lovely comments!
    Good luck finding a job (i'll be doing the same haha) rooftop parties and yoga sounds great :D Have a lovely summer!
    And have an AAAMAZING time at the script - would've love to have seen them.

    X EnvySplendour


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