Keep moving on...Shine your Mos Def

And for my summer series song of today:

Mos Def- Umi Says

Love this song, just easy listening. Sometimes I am in the park with a blanket on the grass and then this is always on my playlist. Drifting with the clouds with this hit.

Well, the opening ceremony sale ends today. Take an additional 50%off the lowest price on stuff today. So whatever is left. Go and check it out. 148 Lafayette street. (Double Check website to make sure or check out their twitter)

Hopefully I can go again today but at this point I do not know. Hours are from 12pm- 7pm.

Time to get out my tory burch sandals and lands end boaters shorts to really kick off summer.

~Kaye Beeh


  1. thank you so much for your comment!!
    ahaha I'm glad you liked the photos!

  2. Thank you for your awesome comment. I ended up going without the tights like you suggested, thanks! Never heard that song you posted before, it's pretty good! :)


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