Xtreme TimeSaver Training with Jackie Warner

I am a renegade for Jackie Warner fitness DVDs and her tv shows. The newest one being "Thintervention" makes me love her even more. She really does care and strive for you to do your best.

That why I had to order and try the new Xtreme TimeSaver Training which gives cardio pace and scultping strength training moves all in 30 minutes. It basically kicked my ass the first time.

Sure I have been doing Jari Love for some time, but this really kicked my ass making me want to work harder.

Jackie uses a combination of upper body + lower body, lower body+ core, and upper body + core combos for every move for 1 minute. Sometimes one side is 1 minute and the other is 1 minute as well.

I definitely see this as effective in the long run. At times I had to put down weights and go without it.

I burned about 200 calories ;) It was nice. I know that when I work and push through it harder, I can burned even more.

Jackie is a tough cookie, but she shares her cookies with you. Just be willing to work hard for it.

I can not wait for the extreme abs. :) Yum.

~~Kaye Beeh

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