The Best of Zara and H&M

The Best of Zara and H&M

Loving the offerings that Zara and HM have recently, i mean sometimes the fast fashion trendy clothing gets on your nerves after a while but I find they have offered some sort of consistency in terms of materials used and having availability of different styles for all different girls recently.

The offerings that I have picked are some of what I want from these places as of now! I mean suede shoes, lux pieces, Parisian fun, Minimalist comfort with a little bit of a European edge.

These are the pieces from Zara:

- The Doll Drawing T-shirt here for $25.
- Leather Effect Contrast Collar Coat here for $129.
- Tie-Dye Effect Scarf here for $29.
- Croc and Chain City Bag here for $179.
- Short Knit Coat with Belt here on sale for $39.
- Rigid Buckled Mini Messenger Bag here for $69.

And the pieces from HM:
- Jacquard Weave Jacket here for $59.
- Suede Boots here for $79.
- Suede Sneakers here for $39.
- Hooded Cardigan here for $35.
- 3 pack of Bracelets here for $4.

I just love how dynamic and fashion forward each piece represents and the amount of ways you can wear it. Not only easy on the budget but I find some of these pieces to last quite a while.

~Kaye Beeh


  1. Two of my favorites shops. Love your picks. The black Zara bag is my favorite!

    xx /

  2. Two great stores! nothing is better than Zara :)


  3. I'm loving the H&M sneakers & the tie dye scarf from Zara. Totally would mix & match!

    :] // ▲ ▲


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