#NYFW FW 2015 - Trend Alert ~ Part 3

Continuing from Part 2 Trend Alert, in this conscious stream into the final days, we are seeing more of the same 70s inspirations, pants with a flair, pattern play, jewel tones, fur, burnt orange, texture, a bit of 80s and 90s, tweed work, a little brocade, and some minimal sleek silhouettes.

Tory Burch - Always love the casting that she uses, they bring about the clothing in a nice way. This season was a trip down the caravan market in what would be a modern Edie 70s meets Persian Rug and pattern play. Very nice fall appropriate outfits here. Like longer hemmed dresses, a busy collar, and little statements of embellishments. Its a little commercial and on trend with her theme but its still interesting to see how the clothing all mesh with each other and the luxuriousness of her fabrics used. If you look closely, you can see TB's aesthetic in the undertones of the latest seasons, its about travel luxuriously.
Images by Gianni Pucci / Indigitalimages.com

SKINGRAFT - I always look forward to what Jonny Cota does every season, the last few times it was urban nomad with the sick gold details two season ago, but now, he continued with the same aesthetic but took it further. I loved the elements of layering, the quality of leather and the movement of the clothing as it went down the runway. My favorite looks were the ombre-like black and white striped poncho looks that felt like a walking art piece but its so wearable, cool, and effortless at the same time. A bit of a european Spain influence with that. He always makes sure you can stay warm in the cooler months, grab that urban city element, and run with it.
Images by thefashionisto

Lela Rose - LR always knows body shapes especially a woman's silhouette. The gorgeous patterns she played with this season and the nipped in hourglass dresses were gorgeous. The peacock watercolor like white dress, the lattice work on the grey dress, the little play with washed out tight plaid patterns, some glimmering silver matted pieces, and of course, a gorgeous native pattern that had fringe galore. A great fashion forward collection for the ages and there is a piece for every woman and style in this, guaranteed.
Images by Stefano Masse/ Indigitaliamges.com

Rosie Assoulin - The revolution is real and Ms. Assoulin delivers on what clean lines and eveningwear should be but this season was even more clean separates of daywear! The little bit of crushed velvet that you'd find on a couch is even more chic on a person, the elongated looks that are styled very nicely, and those flouncy bell bottoms that look more blooming than anything. Deep monotone here for sure.
Images by Style.com

Jenny Packham - As per usual, Ms. Packham delivers on a glamorous collection that captures what eveningwear should be and basically what you should wear to events. The level of beading, embroidery, and embellishment she does is so envious! The nip-in the waist fitting was spot on and the long tresses of hair makes you envision celebrity-dome!
Images by Umberto Fratini/ Indigitalimages.com

Michael Kors - Improving more and more to deliver a consistent collection of American fashion is MK. I loved the country meets polished looks that were executed to a T. The fits were inspired, the placement of fur and embellishments were not too heavy and the level of class and elegance was not to be missed. I am heavily inspired by the last look with the bottom sleeve embellished navy pea coat. Trend is fur, cozy pieces, looser silhouette pants, and bundle-ing up with a nice coat and collar crispness.
Images by Stefano Masse / Indigitalimages.com

HUGO BOSS Womens - This collection was ultra chic, though the beginning was a bit red and German paratrooper inspired, the boxy shape turned into fit, strong shoulder looks that once you put on a pair of tall boots, you ready to stomp out the world. Loved how it finished the slinky dresses and shiny sheen material that makes you want to put on your dancing shoes. The hair matched well, some of the looks needed it, since it was busy in some, the sleek middle part shows seriousness.
Images by Marcus Tondo / Indigitalimages.com

Proenza Schouler - This collection I know received piqued interest and mixed reviews but I actually liked it, they stepped out of the box on this one and tried something new, the side cuts, cut out hosiery, and grommet beading at the end. I did love the opening with the sort of belted structured coats with fabric slabs, and the little piecing of fur was inspired but the ending with those dresses that suggest native theme sort of had me confused with why they were included but looking back over it, I admire the detail and see what they were trying to do, look at the headband and you'll understand. The trend: Peek-a-boo and haphazard fabric cuts.
Images by: Monica Feudi / FeudiGuaineri.com

At this point New York Fashion Week is wraping up with Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein, which are two always chic shows today and London is calling the fashion herd but the next few weeks, I cant wait to scour through stores and websites to check for these trends and apply it within my own wardrobe and make it my own.

~Kaye Beeh

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  1. Thank you for sharing such wonderful selections of the fashion of the NYFW! I like what you show here and my favourites here are the pieces from Tory Burch :)
    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena


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