#NYFW FW 2015 - Trend Alert ~ Part 1

So far this fashion week here in New York City has been giving us a late 60s into late 70s inspired/ mood looks with the frivolous fringe, wide leg denim, embroidered pieces, mixed shapes and prints, clean line layered looks involving camel, and details beyond repair.

Day 1 shows include:

Rachel Comey - Who presented a wearable artistic and intellectual college girl meets the 70s plethora of looks that are styled to perfection with the babydoll wool plaid top and the fringey Isabel Marant parisian esque coat staple. And of course some platform shoes, which seem to be one of the recurring themes in some of the shows as of Day 3/4.
(Images by: Gus Powell)

BCBG MAX AZRIA - Presented an interesting array of nomadic boho glam with yet again a touch of the 70s theme with fringe and perforation detailing and leather knee high boots.
(Images by: Daniele Oberrauch / Imaxtree)

Costello Tagliapietra - Leave it to the design duo to really go for it coming from lumberjack glam to a suspender detailed addition to neutral brown and plaid turtleneck outfits. It is retro but not only 70s, it takes a bit of energy from every decade.
(Images by: Andrea Adriani)

Tome - Produced a stunning collection this time around with definite homages to the 60s and 70s. Haphard architectural stripes with a black turtleneck detail and railroad stripe pants with large pocket detailed jackets which had clean lines. The construction of every piece was appreciated and the styling was inspired! And it also had a New York vibe to it. Like no this person does not live on the Upper East Side nor East Village but most likely Park Slope in Brooklyn or Tribeca.
(Images by: thecut)

Honor - Having followed Honor for some seasons now, I never tire of Giovanna's endless romantic fantasy affair with her choices in fabrics and the inspired looks brought about by her silhouettes. The hairband felt very mod 60s and with the blue sateen babydoll dress. I admire the pretty mosaic and quite symmetric embroidered pattern play on the various outfits, especially the print on the white overlay on black long coat. The girl here is the modern Blair Waldorf meets 60s Mod Squad. Some may say the clothing didnt fit right in places but one can tailor to fit them no?
(Images by: Alessandro Lucioni /Imaxtree)

Desigual - Having had the pleasure of attending the past seasons of Desigual shows, it is still electrifying how much fun the show truly is and how flirty the models are. Desigual is a brand that makes a statement evoking emotion through its designs, patterning, and various fabric choices! This show took us on the journey to see what goes into a collection, from all parts of the world. It was 70s flirty, with marble abstract colored prints, Kandinsky and Picasso like abstractionism reminiscent of the early 20s shift from Impressionism. The yellow suede shoes being a common theme and not to mention, the bold full volume hair!

(Images by: Desigual/the cut)

 Marissa Webb - Following her move onto her own line and heading up Banana Republic, she continues to assert the chic New Yorker look with her love of the double breasted career like segment vest and separates that cozily can remind you of a Jil Sander. Modernity meets the decades for this inspiration with a little bewitching doily lace as a sexy edgy undertone and not to mention the zippered cut away jacket with such deconstruction of the past.
(Images by: Marcus Tondo/ Indigitalimages.com)

The best looks from Day 2 of the shows are from:

Jason Wu - Presented a pristine and classically gorgeous collection that epitomized the sexy modern woman with a New Yorker flair of course. The Luxe collection featured minimalist clean belted long dresses, fur and stoles galore, and some exotics of alligator caliber. This definitely screamed rich upper crust woman to me or power bitch. I did love the gorgeous exotics used but wished it had fitted a bit nicely on the top but I think thats the point because its high waisted.
(Images by: Alessandro Lucioni / Imaxtree)

Rebecca Minkoff - Rebecca definitely revealed her theme quite voraciously with a sea of grungey 70s boho rocker chic inspired looks. Of course with all of the wide brim fedora and fringey boots, band woven strap bags, and longer jacket and sweater hem details, I loved this collection. I know some may think it was too stuck to its theme and was gimmicky, I find the fabrics used and the styling to be very fun. It makes you want to almost try and wear something fringe tomorrow!
(Images by:Yannis Vlamos/ Indigitalimages.com)

Sally Lapointe - She knows her way around sexy silhouettes but this collection was so gorgeous! Loved the 70s Diner like Sheen Shirt with the cutout deconstructed skirt. And not to mention the fraying bottom hem circa Proenza Schouler's Spring 2015 collection ending. Sally knows lux and how chic fitting women love their clothing. So that minimalist grey and white number with the oversized leather clutch was out the box for her and I loved that approach. Tips from this show: Fray, Fur, Deconstruct, and layer.
(Images by: Monica Feudi / Feudiguaineri.com)

Suno - Always admire their prints and patterning, this time around the granny chic see-through high slit dress is risque yet innovative. Then the embroidered bold stripe black visible stitched coat with fur neck stole and heritage print sticking out from the bottom, such cool styling felt very late 70s. Not to mention the wool sky blue, burnt orange, and black stripe duster coat with all black, it felt sort of early 80s when everyone sort of admired the German culture and Technical synthpop electronic music.
(Images by: Alessandro Lucioni /Imaxtree)

Zimmerman - Then cool kids and 70s galore at Zimmerman that debuted pull knit ruching on the white subtle bell sleeve number with a touch of SOLID GOLD OLDIES (I had to reference) necklace. Wide brim hats were the norm here along with black YSL 70s silhouettes and styling with the All black ruche-sided pants and solid top, the paisley and embroidered hem number (reminds me of a lamp shade), and blazer with statement shorts look. To take away from this collection: Get out your pretty frocks, gold jewelry, black pieces, and wide brim felt hats!
(Images by Andrea Adriani/Imaxtree)

I like how some of the pieces are styled, the combination of the set, the cohesiveness it has with the rest of the collection to figure out the mood and motivations of the designer, and how you can probably recreate the same story within your budget by visiting the department stores, fast fashion stores, thrift stores, and vintage boutiques and making it your own!

I can't tell how many countless times Ive seen something on the runway for BCBG, Desigual, Marissa Webb, Isabel Marant, Tibi, and other designers that I know that I couldn't necessarily afford but know I can make it work (Tim Gunn Voice).

You just have to feel inspired by what you see and make sure it fits with your aesthetic. You can even go out of your comfort zone if you really want to put yourself out there. Thats why nearly every person's closet has minimalist pieces, trendy pieces, and classic pieces. A bit of each is the perfect wardrobe, or close to what perfect is. You can dress what you feel, dress what you see, and dress how you want to be.

~Kaye Beeh

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