A Tory Burch Summer

A Tory Burch Summer

The time comes when, although you enjoy the layering, showing off your cute boots, draped sweaters, and your bag is the focal point of your outfit, that it is okay to want summer to come sooner than later. I am a person that enjoys nearly all the season but right now is soo cold that I cannot help but want summer now!

With that being said, I have looked through nearly most of the resort and summer collections done for this season by the designers and I gotta say, Tory Burch always has a new twist on her fun designs and summer staples. The tunic, being upgraded with new prints and ways of fitting. The espadrille in different colors, the sandals in something exotic, and her newest collection is not without a little bit of a rivera/surfer edge.

As you can see, I am loving the tops she makes, the geometric, printed, and the classic tunic screams "have a cool spring/summer". I can wear this with any shorts and capris I please.

Yes, there is a skirt in the set I made, I normally don't do skirts at all but this one seemed like fun. The fringe and vertical stripes got to me.

And of course the fun pairs of summer appropriate shoes, a pretty foldover crossbody because I find totes annoying sometimes, and the Chevron frame sunglasses, which is simple yet refined.

In case you are curious:

Tory's Printed Tee here.
Tory's Terry Tunic here.
Tory's Linen Jersey Tunic T-shirt here.
Tory's Crochet & Fringe Long Skirt here.
Tory's Finley Fold-Over Messenger Bag here.
Tory's Mixed-Trims Flat Sandals here.
Tory's Chevron Sunglasses here.

Trust me, you do not have to wear all of one label at a time or have a certain affinity with wearing all of the brand's aesthetics, you can take from it and others and fuse it together to suit you.

And with that being said, I am ready to launch from 14 degrees outside to 70. Whose ready?

~Kaye Beeh

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