Needing & Wanting: Desigual

I love the design and "living colorfully' aesthetic behind Desigual that not only is it a pleasure to see the latest showcase at NYFW but the designs in person at the store. I mean you can get a couple of statement pieces and feel so carefree wearing them.

Still I have my Cirque Du Soleil Tank to wear from the Desigual Outlet that I bought back in early February to wear this summer!

The latest pieces that I am in love with are:

This Mysterious Night Dotted Coat, I think its cute, the long zipper and sleek silhouette. Designed by Monsieur Christian Lacroix and its geometric so thats a big plus. <3 a="" href="" target="_blank">Here
 for $150, on sale!

Next, this is my ultra favorite piece I want to get like yesterday. The Albacete with that printed large flap lapel and the embroidered body! Here for $150, on sale!

Next is similar to the Albacete but its white and white is a color I never wear due to fear of dirt and look like a marshmallow but this I would make an exception! The Laura, so cozy and cute looking. Here for $224. This one is a new arrival!

Next one is a pair of cute floral lace up sneakers because I would need footwear as well! The Love on Pink design here for $112, on sale. Not much of a big discount but I think these are well made and good quality. Reminds me of a converse design but love the suede and leather additions.

 Lastly, this one feels like a tropical vacation piece or Miami Beach ready Kaftan for me to pack and wear! The Rugos Kaftan Chiffon Tunic, here for $114. Again, another new arrival!

For sure these are all wishlist pieces but I am actively considering to purchase the Albacete sooner than later, the sheepskin lining and inner warmth and cute design is A+++ in my book. Plus this weather permits this purchase, so why not! LOL.

~Kaye Beeh


  1. That black and white coat is absolutely beautiful, love it!

  2. Kaye, I love the black and white coat... it's unique and stylish... the tunic is sweet too ♡

  3. that first coat is a stunner!!

  4. Oh, these are original :) I'm with you on the Mysteriously Night Dotted coat, very cool yet classic!

  5. The dotted coat is really great!


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