#NYFW - Tome FW 2015 Revisited

One of the solid shows, from the official day 1 of New York Fashion Week, is Tome. Seeing this collection is such a refreshing take on a city chic wardrobe and styling. Tome delivered a very clean linear cohesive collection that harnessed the epitome of cool and showcased clean silhouettes bathed in modernity.

 I mean the cut of the jackets so crisp, the pieces that needed to have a natural movement to them flowed in the right ways, a lot of it so wearable and inspiring.

 The various ways stripes and flowy dresses transitioned into neutral twists. A bit of a inspiration taken from all decades is visible, like a mod meets modern NYC setting.

(Images by: Andrea Adriani) 
I mean one can talk about this being a collection for all ages and for that I would agree. Collections like these shows us that style or flair can never be lost in any occasion and no matter what you wear, its how you wear it. The styling was impeccable and sleek.

For sure, id wear a thing or two from this collection, so inspiring.

~Kaye Beeh

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