Beeh's Dream Bags!

Everyone has a certain time where they look back at Limited Editions or pieces that have such character that none is like the other, for example, whether it be beauty or people you know, something is always distinct and different.

So I come in with my favorite bags, that I have been scouring for the last couple of weeks. I find them so adorable.

The Hermes Kelly Mini Idelle.
Doesn't the face have such cuteness, I know my fellow blogger and friend, The Cat Hag would love this bag.

You get a bag to carry all your fabo stuff and hold that stuffed animal you want all day long. I am not sure how much this costs now or where to find but I will find one, maybe inspired by it or create one like it.

The other bag which the size is small but so dainty, is the Louis Vuitton Monogram BB. The stitching on this is absolutely gorgeous, this is like the mother of tailoring projects on this bag. Cant hold books and stuff but it can hold your leftover lunch, perfume, wallet, mini picturebook of your friends and idols, and probably another "emergency" wallet that you arent supposed to carry out shopping! (But what the heck its a long week, so retail therapy.)

And finally, this beautiful clutch. The Lockit Clutch by Louis Vuitton.
Again, nice stitching but the chain and ball featurette with a cuff that attaches to your wrist insures you wont get robbed or even better, YOULL NEVER LET IT GO. I know I wouldnt!
Just think of the possibilities with this baby. Fulfill a fetish and look stylish handcuffed to your wrist. High Fashion indeeed.

~Kaye Beeh


  1. Haha you definitely know me well. I have been hunting for a brand new and brightly colored Hermes Kelly Doll for ages... ;)

    You can find an inspired one at Modcloth, I saw them post one for sale a few weeks ago.

    The Cat Hag

  2. i want the lv bag!


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