Scarves and the Arty

I love a good set of scarves and accessories. No Christmas is not here yet for me, but I bought these things in defense of a tough semester and I worked my ass for it! WERQQQED IT.

So I was so elated yesterday when my Arty Ring arrived in the mail. I got it :)

Plus I love my chic Roses scarf.

My leopard scarves. So gorgeous but totally worth it. I can virtually where this with anything and feel so abstract.

My Michael Kors small bag and my Tory Burch Pouch. :) Beautiful new babies I bought myself.

And I got this yesterday down by Betsey Johnson Soho, my favorite location to look at the new goodies. On sale for $18 bucks. The leopard (which I believe it is) has a cool pinkish-purple stone in its eyes! FIYA-FIERCE.

Now all I need to do is study for finals, finish the christmas shopping, and get my stuff tailored.

~Kaye Beeh


  1. Oooooh I love scarves! Doens't matter that I now live in southern California...I still find excuses to wear them all the time!

    PS. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. xo

  2. Love the arty ring!


  3. Your ring is super cute. And I loveeee that leopard scarf. I want one so bad, but I haven't forced myself to buy one yet. Scarves are sooo expensive... its crazy. I could get two shirts for that price!


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