Time to Luxuriate w/ Frescias

As you all know I have a love for beauty products and such. I believe we all should enjoy pampering and luxuriating ourselves because life is too short.

And I introduce what is on my want list for right now.
The Jo Malone English Per & Frescia Scented Candle. So amazing, to just light it up and sit in your corner on a comfy cushion with your book or iPad or Kindle Fire just enjoying the time.

Or taking a bath with this number litted in your presence.

Jo Malone London is quite amazing with offering such good quality.

You can get it at Saks Fifth, Nordstrom, or Bloomingdales.

This baby costs $65 bucks but hey, you can splurge once in a while if you have it? Yes?

Treat your self, not cheat yourself.

~Kaye Beeh


  1. You don't even understand how excited I was to see your comment when you said that my post made your day! Well guess what! Your comment just made MY day!!

    I dont know how Id be able to muster up the cash and the courage to buy a $65 candle. But it looks pretty and im sure it smells divine! And sometimes you just can't put a price on happiness, especially when it comes to pampering oneself.

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  3. love it!


  4. I love scented candles! They bring such a warm and cozy feel to a room. Too bad my husband is allergic to them. :\

  5. Love it! Thanks for stopping by my blog:)



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