Mellow and a little Sade

Sometimes you have to stop going so many miles and look at the scene that you pass through everyday. Trust me, the appreciation value will be tenfold.

Just like those who walk through Soho so quickly but have you really stopped and walked every corner and admire the architecture and the little art galleries and furniture shops on Wooster St? It truly is so worldly. Dont forget that your environment is also a source of energy and inspiration.
Then get your Jamba Juice with a power shot before or after. Be sure to try the Carribean Passion Smoothie, very very lovely. And very healthy!

To continue my relaxation and see the sights moood here is a little Sade to calm you down after a long work day or long day in general. God knows my Finals are next week, so I am busting on Crystal Castles and Sade to hype and relax, respectively.

Sade - By Your Side (If Your a true Sex and The City Fanatic, tell me which episode this song was in and when was it in the episode?)

Stay true, stay positive. I appreciate you guys a lot. ^.^


Xoxo, Thanks for reading.