Electronic Relaxation

With my new beats Studio HDs, I bought these for myself. I thought why not, your Beats Tour earphones broke so lets get an pair of headphones in addition to going to Target to buy a pair of $12 Sony Earphones. My father and I split the cost of it. :D
Yes, remember this baby on my list. Well I finally got her. Over 640 GB of Hard Drive Space. Plus I have my 500 GB External Hard Drive that I got last year, can you IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES!?

Yes, A lovely gift indeed. The Hermes Collier de Chien. I shall treasure forever.
Actually with this one I split the cost in half with my mum. Thank you Ebay selling and my other vintage selling I do.

Michael Kors Fur Fingerless Gloves. Thank Mum. I was with her when she bought these from Off Saks. They were on sale Half off. So we bought them for $18 bucks not bad right?

The Hermes Box. Classic Orange, I want to use it to store jewelry. I think that is is artistically correct to do so. Lord knows I dont throw away certain things because I believe I can use them again!! :D AND NO I DONT BELONG ON HOARDERS. Thats just extreme right there.

Here is that same Hermes baby on my wrist. Can you say mint? The smile says it all. Of course, you can see my Loft Sewater, so cozy in addition to my Gap Premium Skinnies.

Sweatpants this time with my H&M WHite Fur Inside Hood with that same Loft Sweater. SPORTY SPICE CHIC.

But in actuality, I bought that Same Loft Sweater as seen below and my T by Alexander Wang Long Sleeve Striped Tee.
So much layering to do you know?

The bags! Loft from the Loft and T by Alex from Saks ( OFF SAKS to be exact).

Also for Christmas I got two my more Loft Sweaters, A Harajuku Lovers "Super G" Fragrance, and Socks! The loft sweaters again I was with her, when she was buying them, so I knew about those sweaters. They were only $19 bucks each on sale.

~Kaye Beeh

Happy Holidays folks. Excuse me while I go and take my Rhodiola Extract. Lol, it gives great boost to your overall health. Tastes like a plant which is the idea but I take a guzzlet of grape juice after wards. AND also while I wish I was in Coconut Creek in Florida.


  1. really super gifts =)...I love this hermes bracelet

  2. Looks like you got some great presents :-) xoxoxo

  3. That's a lot of HD space. I think my PC only has like 80GB

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  5. I really love the bracelet!
    Follow each other?

  6. Great presents, love it :))

    -Sabina, www.sabinasupernova.com

  7. Ooooh I love your Hermes CDC bracelet, it looks awesome! :)

    The Cat Hag

  8. A few months ago I settled for the target knock off but I can see I must NOT settle ugh


  9. cute ! very cute ! :)



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