First Official Day of Summer

So I finished all my finals and now im awaiting the grades. I need a 3.0 GPA. Lord.

Anyway, I noticed im still wearing jeans, long jeans, and black tees. I dont know why but Im late to start summer. But some people are already going out with the booty shorts and im like "dear, its all out there....." Some legs should not be seen, just sayin.

Haha, I notice these little things and these little things are hilarious to me.

Well anyway, I bought myself a 20 dollar lunch. Which I have documented with pictures. First time ever.
And it happened and Applebees and I was very healthy about it.
I chose their low-cal menu, with a medium calorie summer drink, and a side of grilled shrimp (5 on a skewer) and it was GOOOD.

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