Variations of Plank

So besides being a fashion, entertainment, and random things junkie. I am also an avid fitness and lifestyle junkie. I see all the new diets, fad diets, trends, all of the gyms I test em, the quality of workouts, different fitness dvds, different classes, good foods, and organics.

Dont mind me inserting this Pic of Plank, one of the best characters from Ed, Edd, Eddy.

I believe Plank needed to be mentioned when discussing one of my favorite exercise moves that is total body effective.

The plank position.
And can you imagine the evolution of one exercise that could lead to other related plank and core exercises that help the total body.

Spiderman plank. I love this one. A great stretch and heart racer at the same time.

Side Plank. You feel like a warrior with this one. Power. Grace. Strength. (What I say during workouts and yoga classes)

And then mountain climbers, the true heart raiser.
This is seen in Core Fusion Cardio classes and other bootcamp classes that have these workouts and the effective but ever challenging burpee series (as seen in Core Fusion Sport)

See how one workout could lead to many varieties.
Same in fashion. One shirt could lead to a whole outfit and variations or one bracelet could inspire a nation.

~Kaye Beeh

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  1. Not for nothing, now is perfect timing for getting in shape. A healthy workout is paramount because summer looms, gotta look as hot as the weather! xx from Soleil


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