Clean Cut, Love, Vogue UK

So I realized that this spring and summer is off to a late start but I am loving what im seeing on the streets and in editorials so far.

The clean cuts, the linen and the tailoring. Oh gosh it feels so good again.

A specific linen pants by Juicy Couture, Im buying in a few weeks is a great indicator, pics are coming soon because it is just so great for that weekend getaway and ultimate chic.

This editorial in Vogue for this May is a great example of that.
The model is the lovely Karmen Pedaru of NEXT (is she still with next?). Effortless, indeed.

I love the combo of a such a great silhouette dress with a moto jacket.

A great color of these beautiful crisp lines is white. But lately blacks and red has been making an appearance.

~Kaye Beeh

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  1. not sure if I'm liking this trend - think I may be a bit too 'ghetto' for it lmfaooo pahahahhaa xxx


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