Theyskens Theory - Look of the day

(Dont Mess with me)

So, I am liking Theyskens Theory and have loved Oliver since Nina Ricci and the magic he has brought there. Hence the Guinness era.

Well anyway, we all know Theory for their casuals, basics, and career related wears.
I have been to a job interview and internship interviews in theory apparel. TRUST.

But now he brought a whole new life to Theory. The casual cool girl is back. And she is showing versatility.

There is personality behind these clothing. I could also mix and match them with other clothing and look kick ass.

Basically, now I guess I love Theyskens Theory. (Ever since I stepped into Barneys Co-op in Soho and saw them when I first walked in and the photos from Fashion week)

I cant wait to see what is next.

~Kaye Beeh


  1. ooo its wicked - actually loving it :)
    ooo girl, good luck - lemme know if you get them A's girl :D xxx

  2. love the outfit, very chic!!
    thnx 4 leaving me a comment :))) :)

  3. I actually haven't checked out their latest collection, thank you for the reminder ;)

  4. i like every kind of women's collection that gives them personality!
    thanks for your comment dear :) (sorry for taking so long in answering!)



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