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So, I heard about Nalini Method from a couple of blogger friends who sometimes attends classes there and raves about the personalized attention and such a good workout in just an hour.

Myself, sometimes not a fan of the countless hours at the gym or bored at home in a room working out decided to give it a go. I have always wanted to go and try new workouts, so this May it is a pay what you can, donations to the teachers who are teaching for free this month. I hurried and got some spots locked down for this month.

At first I knew Nalini was at West 68th then combined classes at Pure Yoga and then now at their beautiful new home at the official address: 248 West 60th street, which is embedded into my head dont ya know!

I realized by taking the train. John Jay, my sister school is up here, yep, im in the CUNY system! whoopie! And I passed the Mandarin Oriental and all. While rushing to go to classes on time. imagine class at 6:45pm and just getting off at 59 columbus at 6:30 Haha maniac running down the street.

I digress..anyway..

When you first walk in, you are greeted by Rupa herself and her words. :)

Very informative and inspiring.

The decor is very beautiful. Spacious, bluish and whites, very simple and yet its feels new-age high tech. I get that vibe and its my favorite.

You check into class and you meet the instructors if they are out front just chilling and the juice bar (which closes a little early before I come or is it open and serving yet?) I am not sure but good selections I see written on the boards.
Im looking for a job, im glad to be a server and make drinks! About to send in my resume for any job available.

You go into the locker room with there are toilets and showers. You change put on your lock and get the show on the road. I put on my "exhale" grip socks and I strut.

There are three studios. Two spacious ones where I always pass other dance or ballet classes happening and then studio three where we work. A good size indeed. I like a class that is a little smaller so that more attention is put onto the students. PLUS.

The mats even say Nalini Method, what can be better than that. I know some places that do not even have mats to use or you gotta bring your own hehe. another plus.

So, I have had two classes so far. Tuesday and Thursday. Tuesday with Shannon. Thursday with Ida.

Tuesday with Shannon. Amazing.
Started off with Arms (totally shattered my arms in a good way), followed by a deserved stretch, then to the bar for burning and work those thighs work, then the glutes to have another good burn, and then abs to tie it all in. And must I say, the workout playlist from the IPOD is a great pusher. As soon as he said, sweat with BRITNEY. I started to laugh and do so with enthusiasm, I pushed harder. Then a relaxing relax at the end. Savasana to cool. I love him, which is why im scheduled for like another 2-3 classes with him again.

Then the next week, sore but what do you expect. Im sore from Exhale Core Fusion too, whenever I go to classes there. If it doesnt burn, it does not change you.

Thursday with Ida. Another rush from end of classes. A walk and I go inside and am greeted by Ida at the front, Shannon, and Rupa all together. It truly feels like your being welcomed into the Nalini Method Family. (Well im glad to be home :D) I love that inner warrior feeling you get after you finish class.

Anyway, she pushed it, its was a tough class. A lot more reps and burning. Quivering thighs and glutes. The same arms started, then thighs, glutes, and abs. My favorite part of the abs was the under the bar laying on the mat and doing control ab jumps, she will walk by and put her hand up and you gotta reach it! and I did. Such a good workout again :)

I love that both instructors give individual attention and comment on your good work, really motivating. You get a little massage during the resting child pose/ bunny pose at the end of the cool down on your back.

(I could describe that exact movements in detail but I never do...haha, I dont know why but sometimes I call them different names. I say potato you patata. Get it? I say ab jumps some ab lifts. So Id rather not get into it. :P )

And the gear used, my favorite color: blue. The ankle weights you put on during the thighs and could keep on during glutes. Loved it. The block you squeeze in on, makes things tougher but I would not have it any other way. The two different types of weights: Currently im using 4-5 or 3-4 in each. There are push up bars too, but next time I get them and really get into it.

This was an after class shot when im leaving but its a little too blurry.
There is Shannon and Rupa. Both are so amazing and kind.

All in all, Nalini Method is awesome. :) Even after the May pay what you can, I can see myself being a regular and paying my single class fee when I go. I dont know if there is memberships, maybe there are. (If there was, can you take student discounts?)

Next Time Ill definitely try to get more photos. :)

Check back with me in a few months, can you say addiction?

~Kaye Beeh

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