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So, last week I had the amazing opportunity to try out Crunch gym and not only was it just one visit, I think I might the Student Membership and join. I have been struggling with gyms. The rip-off Lucille Roberts has done pissed me off. Lucille Roberts, who I am still a member with, still charges me 25 bucks a month to use all usa locations with the exception of some (the hell?) and then when I wanted to put a hold when I wasnt going, they would not let me. Some of their machines are old, broken down, the classes I loved (cant complain about that) and you have to sign up for machines and people hold these machines with towels, books, sweaty tshirts put on them and management does nothing about it. Disgusting.

Anyway, I went to Crunch in Park Slope on Flatbush Avenue, and met with General Manager Tom Polizzi, such a nice guy and is really running a great establishment, everything is kept in order, the staff is otherwise friendly, and the personal trainers were cool too (one of them passing a women not knowing how to use a machine and helped her and gave suggestions) A+ in my book.

Sir Tom and I toured and toured and toured. I loved the gym. The women's locker room with showers, sauna, high scale lockers, clean bathrooms, and good products to use.

When you immediately come in, there is towel service. Then you go upstairs, where the whole gym upstairs takes up the whole block. Variety of machines for Arms, Abs, Legs, Shoulders, Chest.

Variety of Stair machines, cardio machines, such as the Treadmill and Elliptical. (Also the first floor when you first enter, has that too). Such good technology.

Then there is the Spinning Studio. One of my new things to try, Spinning. I already ride my bike but this looks like a good indoor challenge.

The group fitness/individual play area when there is no class (freestyle baby!)

And in depth towards the back of the gym, heavier musclehead weights.

Nobody in the gym watches you per se. Everyone does their own thing, and I like that. NO JUDGEMENTS.

Aerial Yoga. I gotta try this there.

And best of all, no panting muscle heads like at Ballys Fitness (oh yeah I said it). The only thing I liked at Ballys was the manager, the juice bar and variety of cardio machines. Machines were broken down easily and such. These are all what I pick up while being there for a 2 week pass (absolutely free).

I love Crunch and am going to join for a few months. Just a few. I think my bank can take this one, best to join before June for my student discount, no initiation fee and God knows that is a killer.

~Kaye Beeh

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