What a blast in a bag!

So its summer nearing by and classes are over. I only have three finals to deal with, so studying, relaxing, fitness, studying, and more studying. I know I can do it. :) *exudes confidence*

Well anyway, this past week, I went on a little tour through my favorite stomping grounds.

My OC cd. I really do miss that show. I was playing songs from the cd thats downloaded into my iPod during the journey.*

At my college, these figurines and various people there made out of clay. Neato!

Falling petals, and when you walk on them its beautiful no? Feel like your a princess ascending to your throne.

The view of Emmons Ave in Brooklyn. I love it there. Tons of good food, ways to go fishing, parties, relaxing, and seeing friends.

One of the restaurants at Shore Pkwy/ and Emmons.

My outfit for the day. Keepin it simple.
Coat: Navy Blue Chill by H&M
T-shirt: Naruto Anime
Jeans: GAP Premiums
Bag: The LV Florals.
Shoes: Street walker leopards

Then stopping by my aunt to enjoy some frozen icey and park time with my cousins.

All in all, I had a great time. Tons of fun and most of all, I was relaxed.

But as for my fitness foray, Im dedicated to trying most of the new workouts (to me) and pre-existing ones to get to do my new challenge, which I will blog about all of my fitness and lifestyle adventures more often called............... "THE ULTIMATE FITNESS SUMMER"
So stay tuned.

The first workout I may try is the Refine Method. But stay tuned for my posting on Crunch Gym and my amazing time there.

~Kaye Beeh

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  1. OMG at the pink tree hehhee, wait thats blossom right? OMG where abouts you live girl? All the tree's are green here hahaha xx


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