Upcoming Lolita Day at Kino

This Saturday at Kinokuniya will be the annual lolita day where celebrations of lolita all across the world and fans of the phenomena will unite!

Photoshoots, special events, possible fashion show, giveaways, meet&greets, entertainment, and other fun events!

So come out this Saturday and enjoy the festivities. Even if you dont have a lolita inspired costume, cosplay as other characters, as I have seen last year hence the dude dressed as Cloud. xD (sup!)

Kinokuniya Bookstore located across from Bryant Park at:1073 Avenue of the Americas (6th Ave) around 41st.

For more info check out the masters over at MediumAtLarge: http://www.mediumatlarge.net/2010/05/lace-frills-cookies-kinokuniya.html

(I may be there..so if you see me, come say hello!)

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