Core Fusion Sport...Ive tried it (Thank you to Exhale & YogaVibes)

So I was curious for a while about Core Fusion Sport along with Core Fusion Cardio, Music Flow Yoga, other yoga classes, and Core Fusion Yoga.

I got an email yesterday from Exhale reminding me about YogaVibes videos of Core Fusion workouts. Ive been watching those previews for a while. I decided to punch in promo codes and finally buy Core Fusion Sport and Core Fusion Yoga (later post) for only 8 dollars.

So I can do them for up to 2 weeks unlimited.
But I want to do them now and practice them before going into the class and feeling lost like a dinosaur! Rawr!

So anyway. I came home from the gym... mistake mistake haha, and went straight to the video. Sweating within 10-12 minutes. That did not stop me though.

The beginning was nice with stretching and then came many squats, pushups, and jumpbacks. Jumpbacks were not bad for me at all.

My entire body was definitely engaged and it was alot of Cardio and strength all together. I had to stop for a 1 minute to catch my breath because I felt a little woozy but then I continued.

Loving the challenge. Moved down to legs floor work then abominable abdominals.

All in all, it was a challenge but I felt great afterward..energized & tired at the same time. No passing out but a confident stride to the shower. haha!

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