Milano Men S2011 Part Due!

As I have yesterday, flocks and herds continue to galavant in Milano!

Today I shall a look upon: Burberry Prorsum, Alexander McQueen, Dolce&Gabbana, and Roberto Cavalli

Over at Burberry Prorsum there was: boys in shades, the trenches, khaki colors, browns, blacks, military styles, scoop neck shirts, the showing of chests again!, tailored slim pants to perfection, rockerish feel and little country meets military city with the normal aesthetic of Burberry. lovely hues for spring Loved it!

Alexander McQueen,under Sarah Burton who did a great fierce job!, was a very interesting collection as it reminded me of career day, like different guys in different career-type outfits, one looked like a pilot, and one looked like a matador! There was a variety of pants such as wide legs and slim pants. This one had a 1920-1930s feel to it. very cool hues for spring. The pants truly reminded me of the baseball era during which babe ruth, yogi berra, and joe dimaggio ruled.

Dolce & Gabbana was sexy and 40s with a twist of James Bond feeling as always! There was a resurgence of bare chests! shorts , legs, and gorgeous italian image! Crisp white shirts with khaki cropped pants/capris. All color ensembles, gorgeous striped shirts and tidy-widies. Towards the end the ripped jeans and stampede of Bond-like dudes in the classic suits we love to close it. The use of blacks, whites, cremes, and khaki colors making the collection a true spring/summer staple for men who may love fashion, want to look cool, look good, or need to wear something! Dolce & Gabbana always do a great job of delivering that! No wonder my dad loves their blazers!

Last but not least, Roberto Cavalli, the man of prints, animalistic feeling, and sensuality we all love as racked up a stunning collection for men this spring! The flocks of colors, a 70s vibe! Printed pants, transitional colored pants, matching blazers (at times), bollywood type of feel, opium denish feel, and slim pants once again. The man who loves his color, vibrant lifestyle, and doesnt give a sh*t about what anyone thinks. A+++

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