Beeh Review: Reebok EasyTone Technology (Sandals) & Sneakers later

They are the shoes and balance-ball technology behind those groovy commercials with high bottoms and sleek toned legs! I made it a mission the first time I heard about them to try them out instead of the Skechers Shape-Ups which I will admit its an okay shoe but scares me.

I bought them a few weeks ago from Nordstrom and decided to wear them for a week or 2 before I rave about it!

So I did that and the shoes are fantastic! When you walk, there is a nice sensation to the bottom and calves area when you walk. Also there is a feeling in the quads as well!

Though weight loss id say have to include other factors, these are good for toning in the long term run!

With these, your core is engaged and the impact of your feet on the ground is definitely less than how you would wear normal sandals and have the arches & heels of the feet hurt after a while.

They are great for walking and love how Reebok has re-vamped their brand.

Buying the sneakers in a few weeks!

Have fun REEtoning everyone!

Kaye Beeh

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