Core Fusion Yoga... I've tried it. (Compliments to YogaVibes & Exhale)

Do you guys remember yesterday when I told you that I bought 2 classes to view for 2 weeks from YogaVibes? They were Core Fusion Sport and Core Fusion Yoga. I tried Core Fusion Sport yesterday, so if you missed it...check the post before this one.

But anyways, today I decided to Core Fusion Yoga. I thought it was going to be simple yoga but no it is definitely not. A heavily Qi Gong powered moves with a vinyasa flow yoga and core fusion elements in this hour packed class. Definitely yes.

Ill admit im rusty in Yoga, I used to practice everyday with my Namaste Yoga on FitTv (no longer have Verizon....crap :( ) I lost the practice left me.

Started with stretches, then moved onto alot of detoxifying twists, sun salutations, downward dogs, chatranga pushups, high planks, upward facing dog (which I love), leg bends, c-curve curls at end, qi gong wide stances with energy ball movement!, and half moon (dancer pose) with the cat rolling & warrior series.

Ill admit, warrior 3 I suck. Half moon I can get into. When we push into legs dont cooperate to go high. I understand you work to your limits and comfort.

All in all, a wonderful cool down and I thought of nothing but the sequence as we did it. Stressless, mindful, & soulful.

Wonderful class, id love to take in person just like CF Sport. CF Cardio..I would definitely love to see a video. I would not want to go and feel lost or spaced out.

Onwards, to try hot yoga...or bikram yoga. God help. I am crazy but courageous is my middle name. Try it guys!


Kaye Beeh

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