Sensa Sensa Read all about it!

Okay, I so im on my 12th day-13th day for Sensa weight-loss system.

It contains no msg and I get no headaches contrary to cynical beliefs.

It really helps me to control my eating and I actually get full easily, so no more over eating.

I sprinkle when I can remember, but I still reap the benefits.

Ive lost about 2-3 pounds now, I can not say it is the Sensa alone. With Sensa I eat what I like, but in moderation & I add more whole grains and healthier choices.

Compliments to exercise at my gym, home dvds, and Exhale Core Fusion classes. (free gym passes too counts I suppose)

But I think its a cool program. Ill try it out for the 2 months im designated for and we will how far my journey will continue.

to be continued...

Kaye Beeh

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