Milano Men's Fashion Week S2011

Milan menswear is indeed upon us as fashion flocks back to Milan for the menswear collections to come out of fashion houses such as Vivienne Westwood, Gucci, John Varvatos, Versace, Dolce&Gabbana, Etro, Roberto Cavalli, Missoni, Burberry, and Prada.

I spent almost half the day watching videos and jamming down ideas and comments I got on the shows I got to see and loved what my little eyes behold upon.

Over at John Varvatos: An array of deep grays, navy, and blacks on jackets, blazers, and vests. It reminds of a european paperboy back during madeline's time. Country-rocker. The one look that was nice was the plaid suit and long haired dude. He had this cool aura about him, mostly all of the gorgeous dudes did. The look was casual and cool yet effortless. The pants were either at the knee or to the ankle but they tailored so well. The between straight and skinny pair of pants on a guy is truly lux.

Versace had a nice aura as well: It had a 50s-60s feel to it, some looks made the men seem like mechanic's on a night out with the flounced hair. Once again, the pants same like varvatos, truly tailored to perfection! The colors here were like High School prom jewel tones and checkered looks, truly divo european chic. Towards the ending, were chests galore with boxers and vast robes in animal prints for the inner rocker or playboy in all guys. Divine.

Gucci did a double take indeed. It was all about showing a little chest hair in a rugged way yet stylish way. And boy are men showing legs for spring 2011. Denim hues, browns, and cool navy and creme hues. Some looking like fall 2010 looks (but just a hand full). Truly shows the story of the Italian man, very fashion forward, lovely tailoring to the T, that airy confidence about him, stunning navy suits, and the brown hued leather jacket looks and creme hues had a 70s man to it. I wanted to see an afro and gold chain added! The all white looks toward the end were so well put together. And the 4-5 different jewel toned jacket with white pants towards the end were lovely. Again, I wished for a gold chain effect!


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