Core Fusion Class with Mr. Fred Devito

As I was walking through the corridor to get to the class, i kinda stopped because I saw Fred Devito in the doorway greeting everyone! :O

I was so excited and ready to do a class with him as my teacher. So yeah I mentioned my first class with him ever and how im the twitter-talker. XD Too funny and he is such a cool dude seriously.

Class was full, it was Core Fusion Open. So no sport or cardio, no deaths today :o)

Well for the class, we did a ton of stuff. Worked the arms to exhaustion. The Thighs and gluteals to quivering, and the abs to strengthening & a relaxing stretch at the end to feel great about what we accomplished.

So throughout the whole class I wore my Heart Rate Monitor and my calories burned was 701. Haha, thank you for a great workout Fred!

The best part was the flat back/ round back section. :) My feet came off the floor for parallels and turnouts. Lately, my feet have been off the floor, which Im truly excited about! YUSH!

But man, Fred's choice of music for the whole class was all of my absolute favorites the ever talented late Mr. Michael Jackson MJ and the relaxation was Bob Marley and reggae songs at the end.

Plus the occasional jokes made the whole experience fun.

Im definitely taking more classes with Fred as a teacher. Really pushes me to my limits in a good way.

(haha, in the end I asked him if I would die in Core Fusion Sport. :P But im glad I got the answer I did: no deaths, but try it.)

Kaye Beeh.

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