NYFW, It's not near it is here!

With invites still being sifted through and getting my schedule ready as University classes and fashion week are both beginning around the same time, I will have to say fashion week definitely crept up on me this year.  Usually, I start thinking of what I want to wear, what I except to see from designers, what will be the trend of the season but I am fairly netural about the trends. But none the less, I am excited.

I honestly wonder how Lincoln Center looks, will it look like the same dungeony-hole as the last season, or will it at least look brighter so pictures are visible and we can see people's faces in this still nice summer weather.

And the NYFW Essentials list, I dont really have because its nearly the same list every season but I added a little kicker. My advice for sure is to always have these four things:

1) Fold up Flats:

These Tieks by Gavrieli Obsidian Black Foldable Flats are my favorite, not only is all of their flats soft grain leather but features vegan styles, different material, colors, and they last a long time. Still have my California Navy Pair. Prices vary the lowest is at $175. But you are paying for the quality and craftsmanship that it will last. Its super comfortable to switch into when heels, flats, or sneakers get annoying. Find em here!

2) Facial Fixer Upper:

I cant reiterate enough how much I love Skyn Iceland's products from their glacial facial cleanser to the clever Skin Hangover kit they carry. This one is especially my favorite and great for tired or tired looking eyes that need an undereye pep! The Icelandic Relief Eye Pen. Only $20 here and you can't go wrong with it.  Easy to use, just twist the bottom lightly rub under your eye and gently smooth and pat in.

3) Nutritional Unloaded:

I know sometimes you are not hungry but you get a stickling for something sweet to keep you going. This substantial Sweet and Tangy Kind Bar in the Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt flavor is my favorite. Just toss it into your bag and before you know it, youll be eating it on your down time. They cost around $2.99-$3.00 something. Good fiber and protein count on it as a sustainable snack.

4) The Thirst Quencher:

Finally tried and love this Teavana Shaken Iced Tea in partnership with Starbucks. Low in calories, tastes like summer and with this type of pick me up at all Starbucks, usually on every NYC block, you cant crave anything else but this. I recommend the Peach Green Tea Lemonade.

And thats it, Happy Fashion Week may it be the best one yet. Good luck all creatives, management, editors, and showgoers.

~Kaye Beeh

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