A Happy BONOBOS Fall 2014~

I have had the pleasure of seeing so many different New York Fashion Week looks, London Fashion Week looks, and Milan Fashion Week looks over the past month but enough about womenswear in this post. Its all about the men, now. I recently found out about BONOBOS, which is a E-Commerce NYC based menswear clothing company that specializes in luxurious fabrics, suits to die for,  and achieving the standards of male style that other companies sometimes fail to nail.

Their new Fall 2014 Suits really does not disappoint. Its a new collection of wool suits with the element of textures of tweed that complement the different shades/ leaves of fall. Not to mention tuxedos that make a man feel like a man. The correct fit, color, and overall daper & cool is what is ultimately important.

The new Bonobos Foundation Suits and Capstone Tuxedos in the Italian wool material and bold lapels showcase not only looking good but it also sells a lifestyle. Below are pictures from the ad campaign for Fall.

I mean who wouldn't want to be this guy? Put on your suit and lay back on success. Pop champagne bottles. Your vintage car and perfectly tailored suit. Going out with your date/girlfriend/wife knowing that the both of you are living the life of being seamlessly sophisticated.

Images courtesy of: BONOBOS

Taking a closer look at the new fall Capstone Tuxedos and Foundation Suits, I love the overall look and details. The suits come in standard or slim fits, short, regular or tall sizing which is very smart as this will appeal to most and every man. There is no excuse not to look swell plus the Italian wool is nothing to mess with, that is quality.

Not to mention, this fall was inspired by the early British rock invasion, early 1960s, think of the bands in their earlier days like Jagger from Rolling Stones, the Kinks, early Who, and Screaming Lord Sutch.

Loving this deep navy silky looking suit with the black lapels and polka dot lining. Not to mention that ergonomic pocket that you can keep your metrocard (if you are a NYC person and you're in a rush!) and business card when networking!

 It is even available in black.

Three words: Get it here.

P.S. - Also take a look at the Nottingham blazers because if those do not spell out English Country lad, I don't know what does.

~Kaye Beeh


  1. I enjoy reading about menswear as well as seeing the latest looks for men. I don't get to do it enough so when there is an opportunity to do so I enjoy it. I had the opportunity to write an article about tuxedos for a magazine's holiday issue last year. It was a great experience which enabled me to do quite a bit of research on the history of tuxedos and men's formal suits. I can appreciate, therefore, all of the work you put into this post. Great job!


  2. Such cool looks! I don't see many men wearing suits like NYC in LA. I wish haha, Love your post! xo akiko
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  3. The new collection looks awesome. The last two suits are my favorites. I love deep navy and black. Have a happy Saturday :)


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