#NYFW Day 1: Marissa Webb Spring 2015 - Clean and Modern Chic

The former J. Crew Head of Women's Design and now Banana Republic Creative Director showcased her famously understated chic pairing of separates and easy but chic pieces on the runway. The usual play between menswear with feminine touches was evident.

Loved the textured clean streamlined pieces. The male usual dominated pieces taken to lovely levels that women can also wear it too, it has a city flair to it. Pairing it with a slim cropped pants is good tailoring for such a broad crisp and beautiful black blazer jacket.

 The cozy and chic jackets like the see-through sheer white long vest with detailings of the pocket to show the craftsmanship and how fun fashion can be when you are feeling hot. But paired with that leather sweatpants is effortlessly chic like Marissa herself.

Love that easy ruched modal looking jacket with the tie and moto like extremely skinny denim. Usually dont see denim on the runway but I appreciate seeing when I do, being a denim wearer myself I like to do what role in plays in different outfits. Love the city chic/ moto representation it has here.

 Not to mention, these trench coat like dresses caught my eye, like it was a deconstructed trench coat wringed into a dress form. Very innovative, the belt and buttons make me say that. :)
Love the idea of leather leggings for an edgier look rather than a simple white top and bare legs shown. Great to see a contrast of different ideas and the different in colors can construe what they can be paired with.

 And these two bad girls, the cut of the dresses is absolutely gorgeous. Love the easy flounce at the bottom and the streamlined top to showcase a slim top and those gorgeous shoulders and arms.
The material on the left dress is beautiful, I cant quite make it out what it is but I love it on this dress form. Then the pairing of the sheer utility vest on that dress, another nod to utility being a man's uniform, it does not necessarily have to be.

Always a chic show~

~Kaye Beeh

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  1. Love Marissa Web. Ever since she left J Crew I've been following her story. She's got great minimalist style, I find.


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