Channeling City Cool

Ever since the evolution of menswear meets lady chicness has been done by both Jenna Lyons of J.Crew and Marissa Webb of Marissa Webb and Banana Republic, I really love that one of my favorite styles and usual way to dress is now a trend. Not to mention the ever evolving and migrational ideas that keep coming up on how to wear it, not only for style, but for feeling great in your own skin.

I got inspired by Marissa Webb's Spring 2015 Show and played with the textured jeans and chic sheerness that was evident throughout the show.

Top is by J. Crew, Jeans by Free People, Shoes by Cole Haan. Leather Backpack by Perlina.

I am usually afraid of doing some sheer but this top by J.Crew is so strategically cut on the side and top chest area, so its not revealing at all but keeps me cool during the last few weeks of summer. This blend of sheer and cotton is great on the skin. I could dress it with cropped jeans, like you see here, or pair it with my Gap Broken In Straight Khakis and Brogues for a smart English look. Im a stickler for interchangeability and separates to you can mix and match. Even though its an old idea and is tiring to some, I for one still love to mix and match different looks with some of the same pieces.

Not to mention it feels good buying a new arrivals piece, which I hardly ever do but I might these days.

~Kaye Beeh

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