#NYFW Day 1: Yuna Yang Spring 2015 - Time to Fall in Love

Yuna Yang started off this fashion week in a blaze and sea of various textures, clean lines, different beautiful ways to wear a certain color one would want, and carried this theme of modern romance.
This Spring showcases a girl who enjoys fashion in either pants, skirts, or a dress. She loves to mix textures and colors, even in the same outfit.

Love the silky sheer elements of these two outfits. Loving the black lace stitching on the chest area of the soft easy silky jumper with the matching pants. The organza see through sleeves of the dress is cut and sown on so clean not to mention the midi train the dress has.

 Then the foray into a blush pink sheer but neutral undertone dress, where you can see the details of the sheer and the beautiful results of her sketches and stitching.
The aquatic green ruffled number is gorgeous, it felt a little silk pajama like looking at it but its more of your dynasty era late 80s glamour encased in one look. Such a stunner!

 Then the prints and details I love so much. The pink lace dress suit which can be the new modern powersuit where its so feminine and romantic yet appropriate for the office or a date!

Then another lace number except its pair with a brushstroke collage printed pants in a harem style. I love these because its loose in the thighs and has a straight through fit but, its forgiving to the butt and thigh area and its roomy to look slouchy but not like a bedspread. Just my speed and I officially want these pants. I also nod to this outfit as a total, its very fun and photogenic, not to mention the matching sneakers!

 The cloudy brushed dusty floral printin with lace textures on both outfits. The tunic with skinny white pants and sneakers reminds me a little of street style but with an asian flair. The long skirt is gorgeous, reminiscent of those long skirts and blouses of the modern royalty that is Ralph Lauren. The cut of it, the shape, its just too perfect.
 Images by Charles Roussel

Once again Yuna Yang really wows me and brings something new to look forward to every season. This season is even better than the last.

Can Spring come now!

~Kaye Beeh

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