Glimmering Casuals

I figured out that there is nothing wrong with jewelled collar anything, this is not an overkill and its as awesome as using your 90s bedazzler or iron-on patches on your denim anything and bags. The fact that this is casual enough to dress up and down for school or any occasion, is exactly the wearability I look for. Nothing stuck up but I can wear it and It suits me.
 Nobody I think, loves a good printed shoe and easy crossbody bag combo like me.

Sweater Top: J.Crew, Crops: Broken-In Straights by Gap, Bag: Kipling, and Shoes by Lucky Brand.

Ahhhhh! Jewels!

All in those details and once again, "I love to watch you leave" kind of caption for that last picture. LOL

~Kaye Beeh


  1. Love that sweater! JCrew has the best sweaters!

  2. Definitely agree that there's nothing wrong with jeweled collar anything!

  3. Love the sweater!

  4. that necklace is just amazing <3 that j.crew sweater also :)

    xx Janelle
    Styles & Prints

  5. Cool casual look. Love the sweater top! I agree there nothing wrong with a jewelled collar anything :)


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