Love: Burberry Classic Coats

As we get closer to fall, everyone is out coat and jacket shopping for every occasion, comfort, material, and style. I for one think Burberry the classic connoisseur of wool, cashmere, trench, and buckled coats is the perfect retailer to get nice jackets if you have the dollars to go to the boutique, check out Burberry Brit stores, or scour online sales and Ebay.

I myself own two Burberry Coats, a wool and cashmere Stancross coat and a black quilted easy jacket. What Im envious of and want right now are these babies! Some are from the Prorsum, Brit, and London lines respectively.
Burberry Classic Coats

And without further ado, my new stancross coat!

I mean the way Christopher Bailey puts such spins on these classic Burberry styles and innovate them the next level chic for the modern urban girl truly keeps me interested every season. I mean, I even tried one on at Off Saks 5th. Yes, that Grommet Bottom Wool Trench. It was heavy but boy did I feel like a million dollars.

~Kaye Beeh


  1. Wow, I'm sure you will love this coat! Congratulations <3 I think a Burberry belongs in each classic wardrobe ... I'm still craving for one :)

    xx from Germany, Rena

  2. That coat is beautiful! I'm sure you will get a lot of wear out of it. A Burberry coat is on my wish list.

    Nicole to the Nines

  3. I love your new coat <3

  4. I would feel like a millon dollars too. These Burberry coats are to die for :)

    xx Mira

  5. Love the chic red coat and the first classic one.Thanks so much for stopping by...Hope you have a successful week ahead!

  6. YES. PLEASE. As soon as I can afford/save up for one you better believe I will be purchasing a Burberry coat (and scarf because I've always wanted one too)!


Xoxo, Thanks for reading.