Jacket Envy

Jacket Envy

By now, to everyone, it should be evident that I really love coats and jackets. I mean outerwear is one of the most important pieces of the essential outfit. Not only for functionality but comfort, the ability to layer, the ability to look cool, look chic, and have a sense of universality that can match any outfit. So you can get your money's worth.
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Which brings me to my favorite coats/jackets I want to obtain for this fall/winter. I mean they are all so perfect to me! Not only would I have more coats and donate some "pushing 30" old ones but these have a sense of chic, classic fit, an element of unique design, and they are cool enough to fit my wardrobe and sense of everyday wear.

I think I can guarantee, I will probably end up with 3 out of this set, I can only dream of purchasing an in season coveted Burberry piece.

1st Jacket: HandM Leather sleeve and tweedy base Jacket, here for $59.99. The least expensive and chicest of all.

2nd Jacket: The now out of stock, Burberry Color Block Check Blanket Poncho. It was that piece that glided down the runway in monogrammed model's initials and looked so cool with their looks. Not only chic but a way to keep warm and still show off your outfit. Here, was $1,395.00.

3rd Jacket: The Biker Moto Rippled Sleeve Trench of my dreams! The W118 by Walter Baker Keanue Trench. As seen on Pretty Little Liars on the character Spencer played by Troian Bellisario and Adrienne Bailon. Definitely hands down one of my favorite inspirations from that leather chic trench series Burberry show some seasons back. Here for $238.00.

4th Jacket: J.Crew Sterling Jacket. Definitely an English seaside feel anorak but with city chic and militia themes. Love the simplicity of this. Here for $198.00. (On sale for 25% off with coupon, SHOPNOW)

5th Jacket: J.Crew Long Colorblock Field Jacket. No longer available but there some auctions over at Ebay that have them ranging from $100 to $130 and they are new. I saw this one in stores when it was a new arrival last year. Even thought its off season its still a classic jacket to get even now.

6th and Last Jacket: Burberry Oversize Textured Wool Coat. Love the textures on it,  the big brass buttons, the long length and comfy feel of a "Bender-esque" Breakfast Club Coat to get warm in. Here for $1,495.00. Boy this one is a wishlist item for a while.

~Kaye Beeh

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