Fall into Coats and Jackets!

Again, I enjoy fall and dressing for fall, I do initially miss summer when the wind chill hits my face. The one thing I really like about fall is coats and jackets. I always love to see the runway coats, the coats in stores, the coats and jackets of what everyone in the streets are wearing and adapt what I like and whats comfortable for me. This brings me to my favorite place, Nordstrom Rack.

The thing about being a Nordstrom rewards member is, you always end up going to Nordstrom Rack for new things! This time around I got two really awesome coats! One on the left is Michael Kors and the one on the right is Betsey Johnson. Both were under $100 individually and I had a nordstrom note to use!

I love the parka, quilted, leather, tweed, zippy types of coats!

The other coat purchases I made during the summer earlier is these two. The red jacket is a Ciao Milano Jacket, easy anorak, satin lining, and its a lovely vivid red color. The grey wool hue jacket with the yellow lining and black leather detailed collar is vintage Tamotsu New York. 

I love the way I can dress them up or down depending on my mood or the occasion.

And of course, I went to Off Saks 5th, to try the past season Burberry Prorsum Coats and Jackets. I am forever in love with these two babies.
And yes, the grommet jacket is heavy but manageable. Just dont carry a heavy bag, thats all LOL.

I know myself, and my other coats in storage. This is not the last of my coats. With my new Burberry Stancross coat, that I will do a model shot in for this week's next post, I think I might have a coat addiction. :(

~Kaye Beeh

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  1. Nice coats. I, particularly, love the Burberry Protsum coat. I don't like fall and winter but if one has to be cold at least elegant outerwear can be worn to attempt to stay warm.



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